Martin Walpole





Martin Walpole - "British National speed record".

Engine - NV AMD 061. Fuel - 10% castor, 10% synthetic, 20% nitro. Prop - APC 4.75x4


The Weatherman model was designed by Cyril Shaw and first published in 1949. The original model was powered by a Mills 1.3 diesel. In 2004/5 S.A.M 35 used the design to introduce a speed competition. The idea behind this competition is to have a "Proto Speed" event utilizing commonly available engines rather than the more exotic types used in pure Vintage speed events. There are eight classes, with engine capacities up to 10cc (0.61 cu in) class 0 being the smallest 0-061 cu in and the model is scaled down by 25% to provide a minimum wingspan of 14". This year the event was accepted by the British Model Flying Association as a National Event. The motor must run on suction fuel feed with no performance enhancing silencers or pipes.








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