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I hate to write this e mail. This engine is giving me fits. I'll admit I am not experienced with gas but this engine has me buffaloed!!

I spent all afternoon and over a quart of gas and I am nowhere near having a good running engine. I'll swear that my fuel system is not the problem. All new lines and tank and not a leak anywhere.

I can only get 10,500 at best and then only for a short period of time. The engine has yet to give me a smooth steady run, even rich with RPM down to 9000 range. I played with the idle and main needle to I am blue in the face. I will say that both needles are very sensitive and when you move one it grossly affects the other.

I was able to get a smooth idle and then the top end was very unsteady between a rich four cycle and a rough top end. When I got the top end to halfway steady (never was smooth) the engine would not idle.

The best I got was a idle of around 3500 and a top end of 9800 with an APC 11/6. Even here both idle and top end were not smooth.

When the engine is running with wide open throttle and richened just off peak 300 to 500 rpm it still ran rough and seemed to jump in an out of four stroke. I could see the exhaust change from steady to puffs of blue smoke then steady out again before repeating the same.

I even changed to a new P-3 plug with no improved results.

If this was a glow engine I would swear it was an air leak however I am positive that is not the case. I guess my next move is to try it with a little less oil or mixing about an ounce or two of glow fuel to the Mix.

Like I said this engine is driving me nuts.

John Castronover
New GX40 Gasoline en ...
I ran my GX.40 for the first time today. I used a test stand and followed the break in instructions to the letter.

YES, I am impressed. To be truthful I didn't believe a glow motor would run on gas. This engine started up instantly and when I took the glow plug ingniter off there was no difference in sound or rpm.

After the two runs at 7500 RPM I opened the throttle on the third run. With the needle at 1.5 turns from closed I got 11900 at full throttle. I then adjusted the needle to top RPM and the tach showed 12,700. I backed the needle valve back down to 12,000 and let it run for another 10 minutes. I then tried to idel it and could only get it to idel smoothly at 4500. Next time I run the engine I will play with the low speed needle and I'm sure it will idel slower.

Every one at the field today was impressed. like I said befor "HOW DO THEY DO IT"?
New GX40 Gasoline en ...
How does a gas engine run with a glow plug I read the forum and I am still confused how this can be.
New GX40 Gasoline en ...
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