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I recently saw that the GX40 is out of stock. I have still been hoping to buy one. Does anyone know when and if they will come back in stock?
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You said 5 years ago a GX 60 might happen someday. Could someday happen soon? ;)

I have an airplane that has been waiting for an engine for 30 years. Finally looking for an engine and I think an NV 60 size engine would fit in it nicely...
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Thanks, I do enjoy the rewarding feeling of getting that perfect tune in a nitro engine. I have had hours of practice tuning a gasoline glow ignition engine. (a stock nitro engine with a head shim removed). It was bad enough that 1/8 turn in any direction on the low or high speed needle would kill the engine. I feel like if I can sort of tune that engine I should be ok with a GX-40 engine that is optimized for gasoline... I could be wrong, but I like the challenge and don't want to pay the extra money for nitro fuel.

Inspired by the GX-40 I have sense increased compression on my gasoline/nitro engine, added a hotter glow plug, and mounted a diaphragm carburetor and it now tunes and runs almost as good as a nitro :) (just need to solve overheating problems)
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I hope there are still people watching this thread and I would love some insight... I have been considering buying the GX-40 for an rc trainer plane (aero-star 40). I have been flying rc airplanes and racing drones for a while but I want a slower rc plane to fly but I also want some extra power for basic acrobatics.

I have had some experience with tuning nitro engines (50 year old cox engines, weed trimmer engines, and a nitro rc car which I have converted to gasoline glow ignition), but I am still fairly new to tuning nitro engines. So I was wondering if I will have problems with tuning this engine and if you guys think it would be a good investment for me at this point.
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I think there would be a large market for a gasoline .21 rc car engine built with the same technology as the gx40. The engine would have many advantages. The torque of a 4 stroke would be AMAZING. The low weight of revlite technology would be great. And it would have about 1/3 the fuel consumption of a comparable nitro engine.

If you don't think it's possible just know it is. I have modified a nitro engine to run on gasoline with an lc3 glow plug. This is the thread I started if you want to read about it:
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