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Today my fellow club members and myself were examining a friends AX 40. We were puzzled by the three additional threaded holes in the head button retaining ring. These are in additional to the three holes for the head removal pin spanner tool.

Can anyone explain their function?
AX 40
Well he brought the NV 40 BB along and we can't see any restriction to any port even after taking the head button off.

Is it possible that the cylinder has been replaced 90 degrees out of normal alignment?

Sorry I can't really help. Good luck.
40AX BB Transfer Por ...
A friend of mine has one. I'll see him on Wednesday hopefully. I'll contact him and ask if he can bring it along.

40AX BB Transfer Por ...
Hello NV,

I notice that these are no longer listed in the spares for this engine. Are they out of stock?
NV 15 BB AME spare ...
victor wrote:
A turbo plug has a tapered base which seals into the head, which removes the need for the copper washers. But those washers are important to adjust compression

There is a much better way of adjusting compression than using conventional plug copper washers.

Use head shims!

I agree a turbo head button is far superior to a standard plug in a small capacity motor.
Design upgrades
Glad to have you blokes back selling Norvels. It's been necessary to buy complete engines on Ebay to get parts while you were gone.

Just a suggestion in case no one has ever raised it before. The prop studs on the 15's are very brittle. I've seen people snap them while over tightening. They're easily replaced with a 10-32 tpi UNC socket headed bolt but can snap inside the shaft.

The night before last I replaced a propeller and left the whole engine sitting on the bench. Next morning it had snapped spontaneously and the prop was thrown some distance away. It is a bit of a chore to get the broken shaft out of the crankshaft end.

My suggestion is a prop stud made of less brittle HT steel.

Keep up the good work.

Norvel 15 prop studs ...
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