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Re: AX-46 8 years, 12 months ago #134

  • hsukaria
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AX 46 has a bigger carburetor opening, which, along with a bigger desplacement, delivers more power than 40. The trade off is a fuel efficiency - more power, more fuel. The next new engine being offered soon is Big Mig 40 (plain bearing).

I remember Norvel used to make the Big Mig 40 with a single needle carb (airbleed). Would the NV Big Mig 40 have the single needle or two needle carb?

Also, I have an AX-40. Would I get a performance boost if I retrofitted the bigger 46 carb?

I am also interested in putting a high-performance exhaust on my AX-40. Are there any third-party mufflers that match the mounting of the AX-40?

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Re: AX-46 8 years, 12 months ago #139

  • alex
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We have a few Big Mig 40 in stock - if you need one, please contact us directly. It has a single needle carburetor.

You can install a 46 carburetor on the 40 - you will get about 10-15% increase in power.

No data on the mufflers.
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