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AX 40 BB RC Revlite
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AX 40 BB RC Revlite

Price: $139.99

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With 20 minute flights on a 10oz tank, it delivers 4 stroke fuel economy with 2 stroke light weight and performance. Whether you fly a trainer, sport, aerobatic, scale, or club racing, there is simply no better value for a premium motor on the market today.

Displacement - 0.40 6.48 cc
Bore - 0.82 in. 20.85 mm
Stroke - 0.75 in. 19 mm.
Compression ratio - 9 - 12
Average performance - 2,500 - 16,000 RPM
Direction of rotation - counterclockwise
Voltage - 1.5V
Fuel consumption - 30 oz/h
Weight w/o muffler - 10.9 oz. 309 grams
Recommended props - 10x5 to 10x7, 11x4 to 11x6 Tornado (black only) or APC

Price: $139.99
AX 40 BB RC Revlite $139.99

Customer Reviews:

fossmarkluni  (Tuesday, 24 April 2012)
Rating: 5
Great engine! Lightweight and reliable, I am using this in my JP Prangster 3D and it works really well. Good fuel efficiency and power.

hllywdb  (Friday, 24 June 2011)
Rating: 5
One of the smoothest running, most dependable and efficient 40's available. It's light weight make it an easy drop-in upgrade for any 28-35 size
plane. I replaced a finicky high performance 32 in a sport-pattern plane and got better fuel economy, lighter weight, and unlimited vertical with
set-it-and-forget-it neddle settings. rnrnMy hands down recomendation for any of the 40 size trainers available as the easy starting, rock solid
dependability and crash resistance quickly make it a student's (and instructor's) best freind. So much smoother than any of the other 40 -46 sport
engines out there!

  (Monday, 16 May 2011)
Rating: 5
I have had an AX40 AME for 4 years now. I installed it in a Model Tech Magic 36 because it requires a lightweight engine. I think the AX40 likes to
go faster than what I am using it for, low end torque. It performs beautifully, but I would like to convert it to diesel to got more low end torque
for the Magic.

jeffie8696  (Thursday, 05 May 2011)
Rating: 5
I have had one of these for a few years but havent found just the right airframe to fly it in yet. I have bench tested it and found it very flexible
and powerful for its weight. Mine seems to like lighter props about 10X5 is very peppy. I have a Shukoi 30 that might be a good match , we shall see.
Another option is the SIG Kobra, it is only a .25 size plane but I understand this light weight engine might be made to fit and provide mega power in
comparison to any .25 out there. I have even heard of one being used on a SIG Wonder, if you dont know, the SIG Wonder is a .15 size plane that was
apparently insane fast with the Norvel AX40


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