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Crankcase 40 BBVmax7

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Price: $84.99

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The special venturi and directional intake ports are tuned for easier starting and extra lugging power. The rugged Vmax-6 crankshaft is supported by a durable bronze bushing for long life at maximum power. The unique Vmax-6 throttle/muffler includes a tapered slide-valve throttle for more precise linear throttle control. Engine exhaust is directed downward to keep your model clean and quiet.

Displacement - 0.061 0.99 cc
Bore - 0.44 in. 11.25 mm
Stroke - 0.39 in. 10 mm.
Compression ratio - 9.5 - 11
Average performance - 3,000 - 22,000 RPM
Direction of rotation - counterclockwise
Voltage - 1.2V
Fuel consumption - 8.45 oz/h 250 grams/hour
Weight - 3.17 oz. 90 grams

Price: $84.99
Vmax6 $84.99

Customer Reviews:

metalhead100  (Tuesday, 07 May 2013)
Rating: 5
When used correctly (fuel/shims/plug/blade pitch ect) This engine performs good in my LMH helicopters....fine for general flying and will even pick up
a overweight LMH with a standard 4 AA flight battery.rnrnMany who say it cannot lift the LMH or fly it have overlooked things like gear mesh,engine
break in,fuel type....(no cool power or total synthetic)no rubber ever contacting the fuel,proper head shim count,tail gear box mesh,total weight of
Heli and gear used,and blade pitch.rnrnCurrently flying 2 LMH/v-max 6 Helis......rnAnd about to bolt on a brand new mint V-max 7 for the first time.rn

  (Sunday, 22 May 2011)
Rating: 5
I converted mine to a Control line type. It turns 23,000rpm on 20% nitro and straight 22% castor oil.Even though it is a Big Mig port cylinder, it
runs! I am running a APC 5.7 x 3 pitch prop. It uses a Cox threaded prop screw (5/40). That is different than the regular engine which uses a metric
thread. I also changed the head fins to a std. Norvel type also. I really like the bronze bushing that is fitted. It lets the engine run a bit faster
because it is less friction and less drag.


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