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NV GX-40 RC BB Revlite
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NV GX-40 RC BB Revlite

Price: $175.99

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Experience the future of model aviation with the revolutionary GX-40 gasoline engine. Built on NV’s legacy of proven performance and durability, this engine combines the light weight, high RPM and power of a nitro counterpart with the low cost of fuel, superior efficiency, and cleaner burning of a gasoline motor without the drawbacks of heavy, complicated ignition systems, fuel pumps, and sluggish performance. The engine produces more power than most other manufacturer's nitro .45's and .50's while at the same time burning less fuel than most .32's. Not recommended for novices as some prior glow engine experience is required.

Displacement - 0.40 6.48 cc
Bore - 0.82 in. 20.85 mm
Stroke - 0.75 in. 19 mm.
Compression ratio - 12.0-14.0
Average performance - 2,600 - 14,000 RPM
Direction of rotation - counterclockwise
Voltage - 1.5V
Fuel consumption - 20 oz/h
Weight w/o muffler - 10.79 oz. 306 grams
Recommended props - 10x7, 11x6,12.25x3.75 APC

Price: $175.99
NV GX-40 RC BB Revlite $175.99

Customer Reviews:

alan  (Thursday, 12 January 2017)
Rating: 5
Reading about this engine i instantly wanted to try it,rnran the engine as per instuctions sticking with the correct fuel ratio. Living in Australia i
used Penrite synthetic caster oil @ 17%. I have now had 20 plus flights with not one dead stick, the engine is as powerfull as an OS 46 AX with half
the fuel consumption.rnOver all i'm very impressed.

  (Saturday, 01 November 2014)
Rating: 5
haber si ahora si me dicen que bujia usa este motorazo NV GX-40 RC BB Revliternya que ya les compre uno, o con que codigo tienen esa bujia

  (Saturday, 17 August 2013)
Rating: 5
At first I was a little sceptical as many attempts had been made to convert nitro to gas without good results. Having flown this engine, I am really
impressed. It delivers everything claimed by the manufacturer. I especially like the savings on fuel, which is half the cost of nitro. In a year of
flying the savings will pay for the engine itself. Easy cleaning is also a plus. Good work guys!!!

denoferth  (Wednesday, 12 June 2013)
Rating: 5
The factory break-in procedures have been followed and now have approximately 30 oz of the recommended mix through the engine. At this point it
appears nearly broken in and ready to fly. After the first 10 oz the battery could be disconnected without any change in engine note. I have not been
able to hand start except right after stopping before it cools off. Idle is remarkably dependable and transition from idle to full has improved to
nearly instantaneous as it continues to brake-in. I’m very favorably impressed with the easy handling qualities and reliability so far.