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Airplane engines arrow AME 25 BB RC
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Price: $154.99

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Price: $154.99
AME 25 BB RC $154.99

Customer Reviews:

Jasonadcock1298  (Monday, 06 April 2020)
Rating: 5
Great little engine!!! I just bought this engine to put on a sig wonder. Plenty of power for that plane for sure. Brake-in went great, pretty much
broke-in within 10 ounces of fuel but used 20 ounces to make sure before flying. The only thing I done to the engine was put a little thread lock on
the high speed needle to keep it from hemorrhaging fuel from it but other than that I’m very pleased with it. Less than 1/4 throttle flights from
the little sig wonder with about 10 minute flights on about 3 ounces of fuel at that speed. It was a little longer than expected waiting for the
little plane to run out of fuel so I can