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  • Diesel head 074 Diesel head 074
        The diesel head 074 has been made upon multiple customers' requests. The stock is limited.
  • Muffler extension 40-46 Muffler extension 40-46
    The muffler extension 40-46 extends the muffler by 1". It helps to use the engine with a cowl.

The NV news: GX-40

GX 40RC (Gas)


NV Engines is excited to announce the first major technological advancement in model engine design since the 4-stroke engine was released 20 years ago with the introduction of their revolutionary new GX 40RC gasoline motor. Over a year in development, this motor bridges the gap between 2-stroke glow, 4-stroke glow, and gasoline CDI engines. Offering all the fuel economy and torque of a gasoline engine, combined with the simplicity, light weight, and higher rpm of a 2-stroke nitro engine, the GX 40RC delivers the best of both worlds in a user friendly glow engine design.


Building on the success of their AX 40RC nitro engine, which currently delivers best-in-class power-to-weight along with unmatched fuel economy, the new GX 40RC produces even more power and additional torque while using substantially less fuel and keeping the identical weight. This has been accomplished by developing a gasoline motor that uses only a glow plug for ignition as well as designing a new state-of-the-art carburetor that eliminates the need for a fuel pump or choke. This radical new approach to engine design gives the modeling world the first realistic opportunity to experience the benefits of a gasoline engine by simply bolting it into the wide array of available 40 size aircraft, without paying the usual penalty of additional weight, low performance, and finding space for complicated ignition systems associated with “conversion” engines. All that is necessary is to use a gasoline approved fuel tank and lines. In fact, it shares the same bolt pattern as the AX 40RC nitro engines so NV customers currently using the nitro AX 40 need only bolt the new engine in place.


The engine operating range is 2,000 to 14,000 rpm using standard 10”, 11” and 12” propellers commonly used by 40 to 45 glow engines. Power output exceeds the AX 40RC as well so customers should expect to go one size up in propellers (i.e. from a 10X6 to 10X7) and breathe new life into existing planes. Options include a new “Straight Out” muffler and a new extended needle for cowled planes.


This exciting new development in engine technology should radically change the current model airplane market for the next decade as other manufacturers scramble to catch up. In any event this is great news for model airplane enthusiasts.



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