The NV Difference

The NV Difference

What makes NV different than any other engine maker? Is it the engineering? Is it the quality? Could it be the choices? Or perhaps it’s the performance? Or maybe it’s the people?  The truth is, it’s all of the above that combine to make NV engines different than any other engine on the market. 

The Engineering:


Our Revlite technology is light years ahead of other engine makers. Current ABC technology is over 40 years old and reached its maximum potential decades ago. Instead of using heavy brass liners, NV cylinders are made from lightweight aluminum and ceramic coated with high silicon content pistons.  Rather than rely on outdated metal-to-metal contact for sealing, NV ceramic coated cylinders hold oil in the small pores in the surface and achieve compression by means of a hydraulic seal. This not only creates better compression, and hence, more power, but eliminates the enemy of all performance motors; friction and heat. This lack of friction combined with our Sliktek™ coating allows  NV engines to rev much higher with far less heat, burn much less fuel, and last far longer than conventional engines.

Did we mention it’s also green? In addition to NV’s industry leading fuel economy, our manufacturing process releases far less heavy metals and pollutants into the environment.


The Quality:


Creating quality starts long before QC tests and inspections during the assembly process. It starts by procuring the best metals and alloys available in the industry. It continues with using expensive, precision machining equipment and molds to insure that we can maintain the industries most exacting tolerances. Then our highly skilled technicians assemble the engines and then test run each engine at the factory and test them both hot and cold before delivering the final product to you. This all adds up to engines that consistently deliver performance, reliability, and longevity right out of the box. It’s no secret why we have the longest lasting engines with the lowest failure rate in the industry.


The Performance:


NV engines have a long reputation for delivering legendary performance in each engine size we make. NV engineers have spent years perfecting our cylinder porting and flow characteristics of our carburetors and cases to perfectly match the intended motor use, whether it is for the wide power band and easy handling in our Big Mig performance engines or for spinning racing or combat props in our high revving AME ball bearing competition engines. Simply stated, NV engines produce more power per pound than any motor made, Period.


The Choices:


In almost every engine size, you have multiple choices, allowing you to choose the precise engine configuration that is perfect for your application. No more having to compromise or “make do” with limited options.

RC or CL/FF:

Your first choice is Radio Control or Control Line/Free Flight. NV is one of the only engine manufacturers left to offer a full complement of CL and FF engines. In fact, we even make a short shaft 049 specifically for CL Combat. When used for glider power pods, the light weight and fuel efficiency of our CL 049 and 061 make them the superior choice for power assist. We also offer all of our engines with carburetors, not just throttles, for smooth, reliable RC use.


Big Mig or AME:


In most of our engine sizes you also have a choice of Big Mig or AME versions. Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t offer a premium motor and a stripped down, low power version. Instead, we offer two premium motor choices specifically calibrated and matched for their designated purposes.


Our Big Mig motors are designed to have the widest range of use and provide years of trouble free operation. The cylinders are ported to turn the larger props used in sport planes, trainers, and scale applications as well as the props used in club racing and RCCA 2548 or Class B combat. They employ plain bushing crankshafts, making them our lightest engines, and have easy to adjust single needle carburetors designed for reliable idle and consistent runs. They produce power equal to our competition’s premium engines while being up to 38% lighter and using up to 40% less fuel.


For those who need a bit more power for competition or just have that “need for speed”, our AME engines are designed to make use of smaller diameter or lower pitch props at insane rpm for competition use. They are ported for high rpm use and respond well to competition props. In the 15 and larger engines, they employ 2 needle, large bore carburetors and ball bearing crankshafts. They produce more power per pound than anything else out there. Want even more power? Add a mousse can or tuned pipe and watch them really unload!


The People:


Producing engines with this degree of technology, quality, performance, and durability requires highly skilled craftsmen with a level of commitment you rarely see anymore. It takes engineers with vision, who are not afraid of stepping outside the box and creating something exciting. It takes executive involvement that supports that vision and it takes a staff that complements it. At NV, our people are our most important asset, without them we would be just another corporate engine manufacturer trying to maximize profits instead of a company of real people taking great pride in producing legendary engines.


What does this add up to?


·     Our renowned 049 and 061 RC motors are equipped with throttles and mufflers yet still weigh less, last longer, throttle better, and out perform the competition. Our 049 and 051 Control Line motors deliver the same reliability but weigh even less and turn even higher rpm. If you thought 1/2A motors were finicky and unreliable, you’ve never tried a NV!

·     The NV 074 has been described as the finest small motor ever produced with the power of most 10 size engines at half the weight, a reliable idle, razor sharp throttle response, and the fuel efficiency of most 049’s.

·     Our 15 Big Mig weighs less than most 10 size ABC motors yet delivers performance equal to any 15 currently available. And our ball bearing 15 AME with it’s larger, 2 needle carburetor will turn as high as 22,000 rpm!

·     Our 25 Big Mig will run even with any of our competitor’s motors but weighs only 8.03oz WITH the muffler. That’s almost 40% lighter than our competition! If you need more power than that, our 25 AME ball bearing is a real barn burner going as high as 20,000 rpm with its large bore, 2 needle carburetor.

·     The AX 40 is truly in a class by itself. Weighing only 13.1oz with the muffler, it delivers 46 size power at just over 25 size weight! Try that in your next 3D plane or use it to put your sport plane on a diet while giving it a healthy power upgrade. With its standard Revlite technology, duel ball bearings, and 2 needle carb, you get world class performance and 20 to 40% better fuel efficiency right out of the box with no upgrades or add-ons to buy.


Experience the NV difference for yourself and Fly The Legend!



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