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About NV

Since 1992 the NV name has been synonymous with performance, innovation, quality, and reliability in glow engines for radio control, control line, and free flight hobbyists.  By combining world class metals, alloys, and manufacturing techniques developed for the Russian military, NV is able to produce high performance engines built to exacting tolerances, exhibiting light weight, extreme durability, and providing years of reliable service.


In 1999 NV pioneered what has been termed “The next true advancement in engine development,” the Revlite™ cylinder and piston metallurgy. Far surpassing current ABC engine technology, NV Revlite™ engines produce more power, last longer, use far less fuel, and weigh less than the older ABC or AAC style engines. Other innovations include separate prop shafts that can be replaced after a less than perfect landing instead of replacing a bent crankshaft, and high pressure castings that not only hold up better and last longer, but also maintain their tolerances under high loads and rpm.


How does this translate to you the modeler?


·     For trainers, the robust construction will survive the rigors and occasional mishaps of learning to fly. The lighter weight allows slower landing speeds, the fuel efficiency means nice long, leisurely flights, and the performance inspires confidence that comes having from the extra power on tap in emergency situations. Additionally your investment is maintained as it has all the performance you need when you “graduate” to a sport model, letting you enjoy your NV for years to come.

·     For sport and aerobatic aircraft, the low weight and extra power, combined with the ability to carry less fuel translate into a snappier flying plane with stronger vertical performance, tighter turns, better inverted flight and aerobatics, along with easy landings that make you look like a pro. And with over 500,000 motors sold and less than 45 warranty failures, which engine do you trust in that new plane?

·     For competition flyers, knowing your engine is robust enough to survive the rigors of competition or combat flying, match after match, let’s you concentrate on what matters most; flying the plane. In each class, NV engines tend to have a much larger rpm range, giving you a greater choice in propellers and performance options. Additionally the higher rpm porting makes our motors respond well to performance exhaust systems and take full advantage of tuned pipes.


So for cutting edge technology, superior fuel efficiency, rock solid durability, as well as the best power-to-weight ratio in the industry, the choice is clear, Fly The Legend!






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