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NV Engines (former Norvel) is a Russian manufacturer of premium sport and competition two stroke glow engines to the RC and CL hobby market place. Since 1992 NV engines have been synonymous with amazingly friendly performance and durability. The manufacturer was the first to pioneer in using the innovative Revlite™ technology that boasts "best-in-class" power-to-weight ratios and fuel efficiency. NV 1/2A engines are the best respected small engines in the world

In 2010 the motor division was purchased from the parent manufacturing business. Although NV is not the same large government subsidized company, we have the same high standards for quality, the core staff is the same, and now with the chief NV designer in charge, we feel being a privately owned company gives us the ability to concentrate solely on making engines and the flexibility to work more closely with our customers to make product improvements. Every engine and part you see on the site is in stock and available for sale. As time has shown our engines provide a safe investment on your part - they will serve you well for years to come. It is also true that you can probably find other engine brands cheaper, but, we are confident, you will not find them better - we are number one for a reason...


The secondary purpose of this site is to provide a meeting place for loyal NV customers who can share their own experiences with NV products, post their pictures, videos for others to see. With over 500000 engines sold it should be interesting and beneficial to everyone. Please register to the site to receive products' updates and sales announcements  - we are not going to annoy you with advertising nor share your email address. With the current high demand we are not trying to sell - we are trying to build a community as our customers always have our priority. Please let us know if you experience a problem registering or viewing any pages on the site - the site is still under construction. 

We are constantly exploring ways to improve our manufacturing technologies to cut waste, increase efficiency, and expand our variety of products. Innovation and core competency have long been a strength at NV Engines, and it is even more so today. Out latest addition to the glow engine line is GX40BB - a gasoline engine.  

We have added a Hall of Fame to our web site. If you have won a competition using our engines, please send us a picture of yourself with your plane, your name, and the event description. Your picture will be displayed on our web site and you will become eligible for future product discounts and special promotions. 











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