New GX40 Gasoline engine
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TOPIC: New GX40 Gasoline engine

Re: New GX40 Gasoline engine 4 years, 2 months ago #343

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After re reading about the bent con rod,
I opened up my engines, and one of it( the ones i tried to run first time, but cannot get it work right) has bent conrod.

The ones that I posted here, I think it has a slight bent too. I dont have a way to measure it propperly, but by naked eye it looks slightly bent.

I ordered new conrod, but can I hammer the old one straight ? :)

Re: New GX40 Gasoline engine 4 years, 2 months ago #344

  • Charley38
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I thought about trying to straighten mine out but I wasn't sure if it might have stress fractures in it or not after all the bending. Didn't want to take a chance on it breaking.


Re: New GX40 Gasoline engine 2 years, 4 months ago #533

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I am interested in using one of these for Control Line Stunt (no throttle, just a venturi).
What is the weight with muffler?
Will this engine likely be able to be tuned to fly the favored 4-2-4 break? That is, take off and level flight in a fast 4 cycle, then when maneuvering (and nose up) pull into a 2 cycle, then when nose down, back into a 4 cycle?

I would think that it could, with a properly small venturi. And it would only need about 2oz of fuel to make the required 6 minutes of flight time.

What size venturi would come on a GX40?
Could I also get a "blank" venturi with just a small pilot hole that I could use to tune?

Has anyone run not on muffler pressure? A uni-flow tank setup is popular with control line pilots.
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